Being raised by an eccentric Nicaraguan mother and a Swedish medical entrepreneur father made me a curious child with meticulous hobbies like building miniature worlds for the fairies in the Scandinavian woods.

Pedagogies such as "learning by doing" and my obsession with being connected to the cyberspace inspired me to apply to the the digital media school Hyper Island. Two amazing years followed and I received a crash course in life.  I gained experience with group dynamics, code, UX/UI, and tech start-up strategies. Before graduation, I got the chance to work in Buenos Aires for the project Fly Garage creating digital concepts. Shortly thereafter, I took the opportunity to get more hands-on UX/UI skills by moving to Los Angeles to work for the production company Tool of NA designing digital campaign and interactive experiences.

During the years I have had the chance to work with clients e.g: Google Creative Labs, VICE, BMW, Kraft Foods, IKEA, Sundance Channel.  

Today, my focus lies in exploring the beauty in data and it's relationship to humans. In a time where information is so accessible, it can tell stories in intriguing and memorable ways. 

I see myself in the future working with products or services that in the best scenario, helps people relate to details of their everyday life.


2013 - Awwwards Site of The Day - Art Code Copy

2013 - FWA Site of The Day - Art Code Copy

2013 - Cyber Cannes Lions - Art Code Copy

2012- The FWA Public Short List- Where is the light


2012 - Sy/lla/ble: Hyper Island, Ted Valentin, Näringslivet

2012- Where is the light: Huston press, The FWA, Blog MTV awards, USA Today, Resumé, Merchworld, Movmentnews, Niteversions, Fubiz, Bangstyle


  • Illustrator CS6 
  • Photoshop CS6 
  • Indesign CS6
  • Premiere CS6
  • Camera 7D and 60 D Cannon 
  • Cinema 4D, MAXON 
  • Pen and paper


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